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Gut Feelings: Miracle or Myth

We all have inner voices that reveal what is in our heads and our hearts. But do we listen? Too often we tune out our greatest instincts as nonsense or wishful thinking and then regret the decision. Now in this memorable workshop by novelist, Saralee Rosenberg, you'll learn simple ways to tap into your intuitive thoughts so you can achieve happy endings like the characters in her books. Ms. Rosenberg explores where intuition comes from (the same place as creativity!) and how it can give us clarity and peace of mind when we need it most. The program also includes group interaction and intuition testing. It's fun and empowering and shows the value in trusting the wisdom from within. 

"I recently attended Saralee Rosenberg's Intuition workshop at Hofstra and it was one of the most enlightening, engaging and inspirational programs I've ever attended. Saralee was hilarious, but also very informative and grounded about a topic that transcends our usual boundaries. She taught me how to open myself to accepting the things I already sense, and that was incredibly eye-opening. I want everyone I know to take this workshop!" Ellen Mogavero

Saralee Rosenberg is the author of four high spirited novels about the afterlife and a well known speaker on mediumship and intuition. She is at work on her latest novel, WHEN WE COME BACK, a story about reincarnation and soulmates.